Podcast 20: Are You Stacking Benjamins For Your Emergency Reserve

This week Eddie and Matt take a break from real estate and celebrate their 20th Episode! This week the guys are talking about the emergency reserve. Wait, don't stop reading. It may not sound exciting to learn why you should hold some money in cash, but trusts us when we say that the guys make it fun.

Can you believe that only 48% of individuals can cover an emergency expense costing $400! That means that more than half of the individuals surveyed would need to sell something or borrow money to cover an emergency costing anything more than that!

Instead of just saying that you need an emergency reserve, Eddie and Matt give you some actionable ideas on what you need to save, how to calculate it and how to deal with difficult situations.

Coupon Carl strikes again with a way you can start your emergency savings by just referring a friend for a deal. Matt touches on a headline that shows that sometimes the more you know the more you will be scared.

Take a listen. Here’s to continuing to create Wela!