Podcast 19: Atlanta Real Estate With Sharon Fryer Oxman

Eddie and Matt welcome another real estate focused guest to the show. This time the guys (and gal) are looking at buying homes for yourself, rather than as an investment. The guest is Matt’s future aunt (actually 1 month and counting). Sharon Fryer Oxman joins the guys this week to talk about real estate in Atlanta. Sharon is a long time realtor in the Atlanta area and is a second generation Atlanta that has seen the trends within the city.

Eddie and Matt put Sharon through the traditional lightning round with some questions that bring back memories and also provide some personal insight into Sharon’s favorite thing to do on a date!

The group plays another game and tries to put their best foot forward on drafting a compelling home listing. Some of them are ‘impeccable’ deals!

The trio touches on topics ranging from hot areas of town, what the millennials need to know when buying a home and also some things to think about on topics such as home insurance, home inspections and best ways to get items fixed that come up within the inspection.

Coupon Carl strikes again, but this one with a deal of multiple deals. And Matt’s headline of the week touches on how an Apple could have helped the Dow.

Take a listen. Here’s to continuing to create Wela!