Wela Whip - Georgia’s Wealthiest Residents, Google Subtracts Out Its Plus Division, Got Loans? Swipping Right Just Got More Expensive, Where Does Your State Rank?

Georgia’s Wealthiest ResidentsForbes Magazine has named the wealthiest people in the world for 2015, and 11 Georgians - nine men and two women - made the cut. According to Forbes, the number of billionaires grew to a record 1,826, with the United States dominating the rankings. Click here to see Georgia's billionaires...Read More

Google Subtracts Out Its Plus Division Evidently even the giants have things die young. Google’s attempt at strong arming its way into the social media has fallen flat. Many don’t even know what Google Plus is, but those who do will see many changes coming to the platform. Google isn’t saying they failed at creating a social networking platform, but let's be honest here... it happened. They are completely changing the way it will look both internally and to the end user. You think they put the interns on that project?! ...Read More 

Got Loans? If so, and if you’re interested in a creative way to save money, check out this article. Depending on the terms of your loan you may be able to continue paying the same amount while saving money and paying off your debt more quickly. Keep Calm and Save On...Read More

Swipping Right Just Got More Expensive Yeah, but it’s really only for people that are older… actually not even that old. The premium version of Tinder, which was released this week, is now charging people if they exceed a certain number of swipes. So, basically if you swipe more than 100 times a day you will either have to pay for more swipes or take a break big fella because you won’t get any more swipes for 12 hours. Here’s the kicker: the cost is $9.99… If you are under 30. Now, if you are over 30 get your Venmo ready because you will owe Tinder $19.99! Seems a little backwards. Those that are older are more likely in need of this app… the young folk should still be hanging at the bars and meeting each other!...Read More

Where Does Your State Rank? Check out this list ranking the 50 state economies from worst to best. Spoiler alert, Georgia is in the top 20, tied for 15th to be exact. Some may surprise you and others certainly won’t. We hope you enjoy learning a little more about the pieces of the puzzle that make up the U.S. economy...Read More