Wela Whip - Do You Like Girls Who Wear Abercrombie & Fitch, Dragons VS Unicorns, Happy Wife Happy Life, Yeah We’re Still Talking About Net Neutrality, Walmart Raises The Bar Sort Of, Llamas On The Loose

Do You Like Girls Who Wear Abercrombie & Fitch?If you responded with, “I’d take her if I had one wish,” then I’m afraid you’re part of a dying breed. Abercrombie lost its “cool” factor in America a few years ago, but the franchise has held it together because its overseas markets have continued to be strong. Unfortunately that’s starting to look iffy now as well. While the group has taken some measures to try and increase sales, such as not putting its logo on every single piece of merchandise it sells (we know guys, that was painful), it’s looking like that might not be enough to save this company. After they paid The Situation to stop wearing their brand, we thought for sure they’d make a comeback...Read More

Dragons VS Unicorns This sounds like the name of a chapter in Harry Potter, but we’re actually talking about investing in start-ups. John Backus, the founder of New Atlantic Ventures, recently went on air at CNBC to talk about how venture capitalists need to focus on investing in “dragons” and not “unicorns.” Unicorns by his definition are start-ups worth $1 billion or more. Backus said, “A unicorn is a great company. A dragon is a great investment. Every unicorn is not a great investment.” So per Backus, think of Snapchat as a unicorn – worth a lot of money, but not necessarily a great investment. Ultimately, we think that what Backus is trying to say here is that investing in a start-up is magical...Read More

Happy Wife Happy Life It’s no surprise that who you marry has a huge impact on your life, but studies now show that people with relatively prudent and reliable partners general perform better at work. Better work = more promotions = making more money = ultimately feeling more satisfied with work. This sounds like a great deal! Now you just have to find the one who you can take home to mom and help you bring home the best possible bacon. No pressure. I’m sure your next Tinder date will be great...Read More

Yeah… We’re Still Talking About Net Neutrality We’ll keep it short, though. The FCC voted 3-2 in favor of regulating broadband internet on Thursday. That means the internet will now be a utility (like water) in the government’s eyes. This is a big deal because it means providers can’t charge companies for faster access to customers (a la slowing down Netflix). This is great news for consumers and companies that provide a product over the internet, but obviously the internet providers are pissed. Verizon had a sassy response which we have to admit is cleaver. Check it out here...Read More

Walmart Raises The Bar… Sort Of Walmart announced last week that they’re raising the wages of their lowest paid employees. They’re moving their minimum wage to be $9 an hour! Why now? Maybe they realized a turnover rate of 44% a year ends up costing them more than just raising their minimum wage? According to HBR it costs roughly 1.5 to 2.5 times the worker’s annual salary to replace them. Maybe it’s because of all the bad press they’ve gotten after people realized they only offer low low wages to their employees. Maybe it’s because many of their 2.2 million employees couldn’t afford to shop at their store. Maybe they just wanted everyone to stop talking about the People Of Walmart. We can’t be sure exactly why they’re doing it, but hey, at least they’re finally getting some good press...Read More

Llamas On The Loose Yesterday a white llama and a black llama made a break from their owners in Arizona, and ended up in a high speed chase through the streets. We're talking about a helicopter following overhead, media coverage, and even their own trending hashtag on Twitter (#llamas). All ended well with the llamas safely wrangled and now home with their owners, and there have been no reports of police brutality...Read More