Podcast 17: Talking About Wealth

Eddie and Matt finish their two week hiatus from having guests on the show and go back to their roots… well actually the companies roots! This week they are talking about wealth… literally wealth! Eddie and Matt spend a lot of time talking about different aspects of a financial life to help accumulate, invest, spend wealth, but not necessarily the word itself.

Eddie and Matt are looking at two different parts of this conversation. First they get into a conversation around what wealth means to them. Then they tackle the generational shift in wealth and what that means to all those heirs that may be getting some of it.

And in good fun they each talk about what they would do if they got a piece of the generational shift in wealth, call it $2 Billion.

Coupon Carl goes a different route with the coupon of the week. He is helping all of us look good while we take in our cocktails and nice meals!

Matt brings a headline that will likely make you say “Oh, no they didn’t!”

Take a listen. Here’s to continuing to create Wela!