Wela Whip - Say It Ain’t So Costco, How To Make A Living Playing Fantasy Sports, You Musk Be Joking, There’s Always A Leak In Washington, Last Minute Valentine’s Day Plans

Say It Ain’t So, Costco!This may hit home to some harder than others but Costco and American Express have announced that they will end their exclusive merchant agreement. Why the big deal you ask? Well, for Costco fanatics who like cash back, the Executive Membership + American Express card is a “two birds with one stone” proposition. The membership fee can be more than paid for by the amount of cash you get back from the card AND the Costco purchases. The current agreement will run through March of 2016, so fingers crossed that those kinds of rewards are still available! Read More

How To Make A Living…Playing Fantasy Sports?? Most of us are familiar with the enormous world that is fantasy sports…but now, FanDuel, based in New York, is bringing a couple of twists to the game. The first is that leagues last only a day. Rather than wait all season to declare a winner, players know who won as soon as time runs out in the last game of the day. Twist two is money. Small-stakes fantasy leagues aren’t new, but FanDuel and similar sites bring it to a much larger scale. Like online poker, cash prizes can run to seven figures. Unlike online poker, it’s legal in most states. Read More

You Musk Be Joking Tesla just announced their 2014 earnings on Wednesday which were disappointing. While most companies might look to cut their budget, everyone’s favorite real life Iron Man said just the opposite during a conference call with analysts after the earnings were announced. Elon Musk said Tesla was going to spend a ridiculous amount of money in 2015 to reach a production target of 55,000 vehicles. For context, in 2014 they build 35,000 cars. Most other companies would be crazy to say that they want to spend a lot more money after just announcing they didn’t reach goals. For Tesla, though, it might be the right move. All things considered, we wouldn’t bet against Musk. We want to see what he’s going to do next. Read More

There’s Always A Leak In Washington Everyone’s favorite corrupt politician made a brief appearance on Wednesday afternoon when House Of Cards Season 3 was added to Netflix early. Unfortunately, Netflix quickly realized their mistake and took it down. Some folks are saying it was just a marketing ploy, but Netflix is saying it was just a bug. Either way it was heartbreaking. The good news is that we’re only two weeks away now from binging it since it will officially be released on February 27th. Hang in there! Read More

Need Last Minute Valentine’s Day Plans? Forget fancy foie gras, and instead head out for an Awful Waffle! Waffle House is offering “fine dining” on Valentine’s Day, complete with white tablecloths and Sprite in Champaign flutes. As if that didn’t paint a romantic enough picture, they may also have a roving violinist. No need to panic friends, consider your Valentine’s Day plans smothered and covered. Read More