Podcast 16: Mail Never Fails - Answering Financial Questions From Wela Users

Matt and Eddie take a break this week from hosting guests, but they sure as heck don’t take a break from fun conversation around financial topics. This week Matt and Eddie dive into the mailbag to answer 4 larger questions they have been getting from listeners and clients. Think of it as a grab bag of awesome financial information! Nothing better than that.

Given that this week is the first week for the mail bag, they honor the USPS with a fun set of trivia (which Eddie struggles with mightily). Here’s a sneak peak into some of the info you could get by listening: have you ever wondered how many times USPS drivers would drive around the world based on how much they drive each year? Yeah we couldn't guess either, but the answer blew our mind!

Eddie covers a new hot spot down on Peachtree in Coupon Carl’s Corner. Think fresh food, wood fire and fast service… got it?

While Matt tackles a headline that looks at how companies are perceived by outsiders. You will be surprised to see who is on top… maybe not so much as to who is on the bottom of the list!

Take a listen. Here’s to continuing to create Wela!