Wela Whip - Nothing But Net (Neutrality), America: Home Of The Free & Disgusting, You Might Want To Get That Looked At, Watch Out We Got A Bad Ass Over Here, Dream Big

Nothing But Net (Neutrality)Earlier this week the Federal Communications Commission announced a proposal to ensure that internet speeds are equal for all! Let’s back up for a second… a while ago we learned that some of our favorite cable companies (Comcast, Verizon, etc.) were slowing down internet connections for certain online companies (think Netflix). They were trying to get these companies to pay them to have faster connections with their users by paying for “Paid Prioritization.” AKA, the customers pay for the cable and the internet companies pay for the speed. Sounds a lot like double dipping, right?!? Well, the government has stepped in now. For a while for a bit it looked like they might have sided with the cable companies, but they’re now saying the internet should be a utility like water and electricity. Woot! Granted, nothing is official yet. The FCC has tried (twice) unsuccessfully to add regulations to the internet before, but we're saying that there's a chance! Read More

America: Home Of The Free & Disgusting Republican Sen., Thom Tillis, of North Carolina was speaking about how the US government is over-regulating businesses these days. His example? Making restaurant workers wash their hands before exiting the bathroom. In fact, he said that he doesn’t care if Starbucks employees don't wash their hands as long as he knows about it before ordering… because then he wouldn’t order from there. Free market baby! While we do love our freedom in this country, and there are plenty of examples of excessive regulations, we can’t say that Tillis chose to share a particularly compelling example. We’ve seen too many episodes of Hoarders to believe that everyone would stop ordering from the restaurants that didn’t require employees to wash their hands. Read More

You Might Want To Get That Looked At … or not. We just learned yesterday that Anthem, Inc., one of the largest health insurance providers in the country, was hacked. The database contained 80 million recorders and the hackers were able to get information including names, birthdays, Social Security numbers, street addresses, email addresses and employment information. As soon as they were aware of the attack, Anthem contacted the FBI. They’re working to figure out who did this, but let's not hold our breath folks. If you’re thinking, “Oh shit, are people going to know about my third nipple I had removed now?” don’t fret. Apparently, there is currently no evidence at this time that medical information was targeted or obtained. Read More

Watch Out, We Got A Bad Ass Over Here Okay, but seriously, don't piss off Jordan. Two days after learning that ISIS burned a Jordanian pilot to death, Jordan's Foreign Minister, Nasser Judeh, told CNN that the country has "vowed to destroy ISIS." Those aren't just fightin' words either. On Thursday they sent out an air mission which targeted ISIS training centers, arms and ammunition depots. While this is an empowering move, Jordan has acknowledged that this isn't the first step, and it's not the last either. Cue the Top Gun soundtrack. Read More

Dream Big It’s Friday, so let’s take a second to step into some pretty fun shoes. Business Insider has just published an article highlighting the best “toys” of Steve Cohen. Did we mention that he’s a billionaire who runs one of the most successful hedge funds in the world? Yeah, they’re some pretty awesome toys. Personal favorite has to be the 14-foot shark preserved in formaldehyde... and it just cost $8 million! Total bargain. Read More