Wela Whip - Oh Baby You So Applicious, The Loud Minority, Thank Goodness For Microsoft, The Value of Proofreading, Avocado Ice Cream

Oh, Baby You So AppliciousThis apple just keeps growing, big time. Apple reported earnings this week, and it turns out they've absolutely killed it. Let's break it down in simple terms. They sold more iPhones in one quarter than they did in all of 2011. They reported revenues for the past three months that was more than the revenues over the past 12 months of Visa, Travelers and McDonalds COMBINED. iPad sales declined, but they still sold enough in the three months to provide each person in the state of New York an iPad. They also sold enough Macs for the past three months to provide one to every citizen in Ireland. That is ridiculous! Applicious, oh so applicious! Read More

The Loud Minority Facebook has been named the No. 1 company to work for by Glassdoor, but evidently that sentiment is not unanimous. Facebook employees share 22 awful things about working there in the link attached. Some are just opinions, but some of these need to be stomped out... I mean, doing the boss's wife's dirty laundry?? Read More

Thank Goodness For Microsoft According to a recent AMA on Reddit, Bill Gates shared what he would have done had he not started Microsoft...the answer? Study AI. That's artificial intelligence for those who don’t know. Wonder what the world would look like if he'd spent the last 40 years on AI, and not Microsoft? Kind of scary… Read More

The Value of Proofreading Apparently just one “s” is all it takes to sink a business. This 124 year old company learned that the hard way. The managing director happened to be away on vacation when this happened. It only took a few days to do irreparable damage… Read More

Avocado Ice Cream? Check it out if you want to eat like Patriot’s QB Tom Brady. The details of his year-round diet and lifestyle include avoiding alcohol and going to bed at 8:30 pm each night. His teammates call the food he eats “birdseed s#*t.” Read More