Podcast 14: Credit Cards with Darrah Brustein of Equitable Payments

This week Eddie and Matt are talking credit cards with Darrah Brustein of Equitable Payments! We all know that we should fully pay off our credit cards each month, but there are some sneaky tidbits that you probably didn’t know… like how much you can spend on a credit card while keeping a high credit score.

Eddie has some great advice on how to best use a credit card.

Darrah Brustein of Equitable Payments joins us on the show to talk about credit card processing… the other side of the convo. We don’t stop there with Darrah, though. We're talking networking and how to network more efficiently. We also explore how to best teach children about personal finance. Darrah has written 6 children’s books on the topic and published one!

Our lighting round with Darrah is awesome as well.

Coupon Carl strikes again with a great idea on how to make money… rather than save money!

And the headline this week is Applicious. You may think Apple is a big company, but you really don’t know until you hear the headline this week.

Here is the Nerd Wallet Link Matt mentions on show regarding debt: http://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/credit-card-data/average-credit-card-debt-household/

Take a listen. Here’s to continuing to create Wela!