Podcast 11: It's 2015, Time For Some Resolutions

This week Eddie and Matt talk resolutions. They are looking to start 2015 off on the right foot. But they also dig deeper into reasons why resolutions and financial goals don’t get completed.

Matt provides a SMART approach, and they look at whether the problem is the goal or the process.

Here is the video that Matt refers to with regards to the commencement speech at the University of Texas last year. It impacted Eddie, so much so that he made a 2015 resolution based on it! Video Transcript

Eddie brings a male-esque coupon Carl this week and it involves a little bit of stogies and a little bit of scotch.

And Matt’s headline is a fun one, looking at airports and traveling. Here is the link he referred to within the podcast.

Take a listen. Here’s to continuing to create Wela!