Podcast 08: It's Not Timing, Rather Time In

This week Matt needs Eddie to help him stay off the soap box! But Eddie is up to the challenge. Eddie and Matt look to convey to the listeners why timing the market isn’t the best strategy.

Yeah, we’ve all heard it… maybe. But whether you have or you haven’t do you know how often you have to be right to actually beat a buy and hold investor?

Well listen and find out!

They even decide to play a game to see if Eddie can predict who sends him emails! You may be surprised at the results or maybe even how it ties in with investing and timing the markets, but it does!

And finally they do a little Q&A to convey their points on timing the markets. Some of the stats may astound you… for instance, did you know that your investment performance could be drastically off by just missing 5 days in the market from 1994-2003?! Well it can.

And Coupon Carl strikes again with a gift card that can actually benefit you and someone else.

And Matt takes a look at a non-market related headline but can impact your Wela. He takes a look at how emails are holding us back!

Take a listen.

Here’s to continuing to create Wela!