Podcast 07: Solving The Cost Of Kids

Today The Wela Show has a first! Yes, we bring on our first guest to the show. Given that neither of us have kids, we needed to pull in the expert. And we didn’t stretch too far. Actually, we grabbed him from upstairs. Wela’s own Mitchell Reiner joins the show to talk kids and their costs. The show looks at the different age levels of kids and the costs associated with each level. Mitchell provides his experiences on how he has been saving for both of his kids.

We also play a fun lighting round with Mitchell, which makes us laugh and provides all listeners an opportunity to get to know Mitchell a little more before we dig deep into the topic.

To wrap everything up we discuss college and the best ways to save for college. And as usual we got off topic for a little and decided to even talk about the future of college. Trust us, we didn’t disappoint.

And Eddie and I continued our monthly Wela challenge. Eddie had the lead last week, but lets see if I was able to get my Wela in line to take the monthly challenge.

Coupon Carl provides another great saving opportunity and I talk a little about the recent Facebook at Work headline.

Come take a listen and begin having fun with finances. We sure as heck are!

Here is the link to the article we referenced when we were comparing the cost of kids from 1960 to now. http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2013/08/what-s-really-behind-the-ever-rising-cost-of-raising-a-child-in-america/279034/