Podcast 06: When Is Enough, Enough?

Today Eddie and I have had enough. Well, not really we just talk about what the ‘Enough’ number is. And how can someone calculate that on their own. We dig into numbers to provide real examples along with stepping outside of the norm and performing a mock meeting. Eddie takes the seat as the advisor and I am the client. We walk through the typical conversation around determining the ‘Enough’ number. And we doing everything on the spot! It’s like you are in the room.

Also, we go deeper than just determining the enough number. As we dig into numbers we begin to dig into what amount we need to save and what assumptions have to be made. Along with talking about how to adjust over time on your own.

Coupon Carl strikes again with a great deal to improve that budget.

And I take to all the headlines surrounding Spotify and Taylor Swift. Wait till you hear how much she is expected to make via Spotify for the year versus what she made on her new release in one week! You better be sitting for this information.

Come take a listen and begin having fun with finances. We sure as heck are!