Wela Whip - 326 Million Problems But A Winner Ain’t One , The Young And The Ambitious, Weed Is Getting Voters High, Look Who's Talking Two, Foul Refs

wela whip I Got 326 Million Problems, But A Winner Ain’t One  If you’re going to waste 100 pennies on a lottery ticket, I would assume you would take the time to keep the thing and check to see if you won.  Not happening in upstate New York. Someone is the rightful winner of $326 million, but they have yet to step forward.  They are probably worried about the coin flip concern that 45% of lottery winners claim to be no happier or less happier than before they won the lottery. It's just $326 million, no biggie….. Read More

New Reality Political Show: The Young And The Ambitious Saira Blair who was in Freshman Algebra on Thursday at the University of West Virginia won the 59th District for the House of Delegates in West Virginia at age 18.  She beat two other candidates in the race by winning 63% of the vote.  All of her pictures that you can find online are via Instagram and Twitter.  Some things are changing: Republican is the new majority and Millenials are tweeting their way to victory….but I still can’t get a damn Bloody Mary before 12:30 at Rosebud.  Lame. Read More

Weed Is Getting Voters High Want to know how to get Millennials to “Rock the Vote”?  Put weed on the ballot.  In Florida, 14% of the voters on Tuesday were 18-29 years old.  This is compared to 8% that turned out in 2010.  Good but not good enough.  58% of the voters were in favor of legalizing pot in the state, but the measure needed 60% to pass. More than 75% of voters 18-29 approved it, but 40% of seniors 65+ approved the measure.  Frankly, we aren’t surprised.  The problem wasn’t the voting preference, but the fact that there were just a few more folks needed to get out and vote  Imagine how many more stoners would have voted if they could have been wheel-chaired to the polls. Read More

Foul! You Are Short Yes, this is the case. A recent study found that the shorter the referee the more fouls they called. Now, don’t jump to conclusions… the study already did. In order to be politically correct they think it’s because of one of two reasons: shorter referees have a better vantage point, thus calling a better game or what we all believed to be the truth… a result of Napoleon complex. We will leave the choice up to shorty! Read More

Look Who's Talking Two Parents of newborns may disagree with this study, but its science (or at least a study). A recent study by the Federal Reserve of St. Louis shows that women that have two children are more productive. Seems counter intuitive, but, apparently it's science. The study should a larger gap of productivity of those women with two children relative to one and relative to none. Looks like 2015 could be a mini-baby boom… if people read this study. Read More