Podcast 05: The Middle Step To The Paycheck To Paycheck Problem

Today Eddie and I tackle a hurdle that many of us face at some point in our life… living paycheck to paycheck. Of course you can Google this idea and get many different post that provide you the drastic life changes that ultimately need to be made. Like: Create a budget, cut costs, make more, track your money, etc.

But Eddie and I felt that their was a gap between living paycheck to paycheck and getting to the point that so many suggest… and are right about.

So, we decided to provide everyone with stepping stones that will help people that are living paycheck to paycheck get from where they are now to ultimately being able to make these drastic changes.

But as we found out during the podcast, even if you aren’t living paycheck to paycheck these could be some actionable ideas to shore up your financial foundation.

Coupon Carl doesn’t let us down this week.

And I tackle the elections and how they may impact us going forward.

Come take a listen and begin having fun with finances. We sure as heck are!