Wela Whip - Happy Halloween

Facebook Spooks Markets At least they didn’t trick the markets, and the company is about to treat many other companies. Facebook mentioned in their recent earnings report that they are about to go on a spending binge. Shares fell after the company mentioned this (because investors don’t always like that immediately), but Zuckerberg’s house may be a Halloween hit if his generosity bleeds into the holiday… we are talking dollar, dollar bills! Read More

Are you a Halloween expert? Bad news if the answer is yes. Innovation may not be in your future in terms of Halloween costumes or even Halloween parties. A recent study found that innovation is limited when people are experts in the field. Expertise makes people move slowly to changes, new ideas and which is the definition of innovation. Now that we know this, next year’s Halloween party will be epic… as long as an expert doesn't plan it! Read More

Flying high, with no windows in the sky… Spooky It could be just around the corner. They are in the process of making windowless planes and instead putting in devices like large TV screens covering the walls. The screens could show you what’s outside or project other stuff like movies, games, etc. It seems a bit weird, but it’s coming. Just think if the whole plane was filled with Halloween the movie… that’s what would happen. Read More

Don’t Eat Candy Before Betting Or any food for that matter. Seems counterintuitive, but a recent study found that people who are hungry make more intuitive decisions. The study only made them not eat breakfast, so we doubt the results would be the same if they had to fast for a day. Keep eating that candy… it’s a good decision; we made that statement while we were hungry! Read More

San Fran Giants Dress As Taylor Swift For Halloween Well, maybe not exactly, but if the San Francisco Giants choose anything to dress up as for Halloween they should pick Taylor Swift. Here’s why: the last three new albums released by Swift were in 2010, 2012 & 2014. The Giants have won the World Series in 2010, 2012 & 2014. Good news for the Giants, Swift has plenty more albums to come. Ain’t that just spooky! Read More