Wela Whip - The Sniper Gets Investors, The Moment 3 Million Isn't Enough, The Whip's Laughs Are Free Still, Be Careful What You Type, Boring Is Entertaining?

The Sniper Gets Investors Investors have had their legs taken right from underneath them this week. The markets fell 5.20% last week and have continued that trend this week, falling nearly 2.5% (through Thursday). Yeah, it sucks! Media loves it. But really, it should not matter to us if we are investing for the next 10, 20, or 30 years. These things occur… and will happen again. This time shouldn’t change things, so don't start stuffing money under your mattress just yet! Read More

The Moment 3 Million Isn’t Enough That’s exactly what markets told Netflix. Three million new people signed up for the streaming service this past quarter, and the markets said “get the hell outta here, we expected more.” It’s gotta be tough being the leader of change. Hell, Blockbuster would love to have 3 million new clients…ouch, too soon?! Read More

The Whip Is Free… So Laugh It’s okay to laugh at our hilarious jokes, because we don’t charge for them. However, a comedy club in Barcelona is charging based on your laughs. Meaning you laugh, you pay… you don’t laugh, keep the Benjamins (or Euros) in your pocket. Seems like a brilliant way to rid yourself of paying for a lousy comedian! Read More

Be Careful What You Type... ...unless you want the computer to know how you feel. A recent breakthrough has found that computers can detect your mood via your typing methods. Basically if you are slamming on the keys or very slowly touching the keys, the computer detects your emotions. And we thought Facebook was intruding on our lives... Read More

Boring May Actually Be Entertaining Well, at least Virgin America is taking a stab at this. They have produced a nearly six hour long commercial. Yeah, that’s right… a commercial. To top it off, it’s of people on a six hour flight. It’s meant to show how unbearable most flights are. They never actually expected anyone to watch the whole thing, but instead just skip it. Now, though, they have people talking about it… and them. Brilliant! Read More