Wela Whip - 'Fin'ishing At The Top of Their Class, Shorter Is Better, These Hyenas Aren’t Laughing, Getting Paid To Workout, Dancing With The Stars Gets “Fresh"

‘Fin’ishing At The Top of Their Class A little cheesy, but it works. Finland has been deemed one of the leading education systems in the world. What’s the cause? Shorter days, more collaboration among teachers, more recess and less homework. Oh yeah… and less standardized testing. Sounds like a kid's dream to us. Read More

Shorter Is Better That’s what this study found. Well, if you believe that it is better to be in a stable marriage as opposed to an unstable one… I believe we can all agree on this one. A recent study by some NYU sociologists found that short men make stable marriages. They tend to do less house work than taller men. I guess that is a given. It’s a typical David vs. Goliath story, so congrats short men! Read More

These Hyenas Aren’t Laughing Japan didn’t get this one right. They have been trying to breed two hyena’s at the Sapporo Zoo for about two years. They put them in the same cage to try and mate them. All they did was fight (sounds like a typical relationship!), but no reproduction occurred. Turns out the reason was because they were both male hyenas. They are now separated, and the zoo is on a search to find each of them a female! Read More

Getting Paid To Workout It should be that way for everyone, not just personal trainers. Bosses should read this and take heed because the Harvard Business Review states that it may just make the company better. The study shows that people who workout regularly have improved concentration, sharper memory, faster learning, prolonged mental stamina, less stress and enhanced creativity. Work should have recess for adults… an hour at the gym, on the company! Read More

Dancing With The Stars Gets “Fresh” By fresh we mean a throw back to our favorite, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! The real Carlton (or the actor who played Carlton) pulled out the Carlton dance during his Dancing with the Stars performance, and he absolutely killed it! He racked up a perfect score and brought back relevance to the never ending show! Read More