Wela Whip - A Temporary Fix And Permanent Issues, Air Squats For Your Baby? Film Directors Are Crazy, Congrats On Your Watermelon, Mourning Saturday Mornings

A Temporary Fix Can Lead To Permanent Issues This is the problem with drugs that are still relatively new. A study has been released that may make people think twice before taking the little blue pill. Researchers in Australia have found a correlation between using Viagra and permanent blindness… in individuals that carry a specific gene. To be clear, about 1 in 50 people carry this gene. That's scary, but every drug has possible repercussions… right? Read More

How Many Air Squats Can Your Baby Do? Maybe not a baby, but what about your 3-year old kid? The fad of CrossFit is filtering its way into pre-schools… yes, pre-schools! CrossFit Kids isn't pushing the kids as hard as grownups are, though. They are actually taking a playful and educational approach to fitness. It is extremely important to introduce fitness to a generation engulfed with technology… but introducing box jumps and power cleans may be a bit much for a set of bones still developing! Read More

Film Directors Have Gone Crazy Remember the game Tetris? It was a great game… let us emphasize game. It had no humans in it! It was based on shapes, so this company has to know something we don't. Threshold Entertainment is creating a live action film based on the game. We loved playing the game, but watching someone play was boring as hell. No actors have signed on… maybe because they know this will be the hardest level of Tetris to conquer! Read More

Congrats On Your Watermelon This isn't a Buzzfeed survey, it's a real thing. The Bump, a baby advice website, has reinvigorated the idea of comparing each stage of pregnancy to a fruit. It allows both men and women to understand what is going on during the pregnancy. And we can relate to it because we all know what a watermelon is and the size of them. Women have really adopted this, but it still seems very weird to relate a future human to a peach… Read More

Mourning Saturday Mornings This is more for the future generations than it is for us, but the next round of youngsters will experience a different Saturday morning than we did. The final Saturday morning cartoon on network television was aired last week. Now only cable networks will air cartoons. Sitting and watching Ninja Turtles or Scooby Doo is over… and it's the future's loss! Read More