Wela Whip - The First Drone Delivery Goes To, Apple Is Bending All The Rules, Men Can’t Remember Anything, The New Hangover Cure, The Business Person’s Onesie


The First Drone Delivery Goes To… DHL… Yup, not Google, not Amazon, not FedEx or UPS, but Europe’s largest postal service will be the first to conduct drone deliveries. These Parcelcopters (their name for drones) will be delivering medications and other urgent goods to the island of Juist. I am sure the other companies will be watching closely. This may be a time when first isn’t necessarily best. Read More

Apple Is Bending All The Rules… And Losing Service The iPhone finally became bigger… hot damn! But it also seems to be gumby-like. Social media has been going crazy on some people's complaints that the phone is bending during normal use. Although, Apple says they have received few complaints. Aside from interrupting cell service, the new ios 8 is awesome. The ios 8 was quickly pulled after people started to notice this, and a patch is being released. Maybe bigger isn’t better. Read More

Men Can’t Remember Anything… Don’t Blame Them It’s Their Parents' Fault Finally, men have a scientific excuse for not remembering things. A recent study found that women are better at remembering things because of how their parents talk to them as a child; which is different than how parents talk to their sons. Well, now it looks like I can finally go back to my fiancé and ask all those questions to which I forgot the answers. It’s not my fault... it’s science! Read More

The New Hangover Cure Some people go for grease, others just say continuing to drink is the best cure for a hangover. Starbucks seems to agree a bit more with the latter. They are introducing (in select cities) a new coffee that supposedly tastes a bit like Guinness. Although it doesn’t have alcohol in it, some may find this to be a happy medium after a long night out. That is if their stomach can take such a heavy liquid. Read More

The Business Person’s Onesie We’ve all had a moment in our adult life when we yearned for a onesie and maybe fulfilled it during Halloween or even a regular Wednesday. Now, though, business people may have the opportunity to close big deals in the comfort of a onesie. It’s called a Suitsy, and it’s being voted on by followers of Betabrand. If it wins, then they will crowdsource for the idea and then produce the product. Sleeping in suits could soon actually be acceptable… and normal! Suit up! Read More