Wela Whip - Sparky lights a spark, Penny pinchers' profit, A hole in one that's out of this world, The internet creates a "Surge", A penny for your thoughts

wela whip  

Sparky lights a spark It's a human spark. Engineers at Arizona State University (Wela's own Matt Reiner's alma mater) have created a jet pack for humans. In an effort to help military personnel move faster in times of combat, this jet pack helps speed up the individuals. They have run tests on a human on a track, and it actually made him run a faster mile! Just think if we had this during our physical fitness challenges, we'd all be on the presidential fitness list. Read More

Penny pinchers' profit Try to say that five times fast. You only need to see it once, though, and the common saying finally reaps great rewards... well, somewhat great rewards. The penny costs the U.S. Treasury 1.60 pennies to make (because of the cost of zinc, which is used to make pennies), but the thing is only worth one penny. What this means is that those who have a penny can sell the commodity it is made of and make 60%. That's one lucky penny! Read More

A hole in one that's out of this world "We are going to space!" was the caddie’s reaction after pro golfer, Andy Sullivan, hit a holeinone at a recent European golf tournament. Yes, Andy Sullivan hit a holeinone, and the prize was a trip to space. Hell, we know someone that won a car, and this trumps that big time. The only worry Andy admits is that he's not that great of a flyer. Hopefully, Apollo 13 isn't showing on this flight! Read More

The internet creates a "Surge" Yeah, we all know the internet is powerful, but it's surging right now. After a big Facebook campaign, Coca-Cola is bringing back our lovable "fully loaded citrus soda" surge. They are going to sell a limited number of them on Amazon. For $14, you can get 12 16-ounce cans. Who's ready to stay up all night playing video games!?! Twitch is about to see a flood of traffic. Read More

A penny for your thoughts? Or how about 20 for your service? That's right, LeSean McCoy, wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, left a $0.20 tip for his waiter at Philadelphia's PYT burger restaurant. He cites disrespectful service as the reason. Most would agree that tips are based on service, but 20 cents? I mean...c'mon man! However, the owner of the restaurant took to social media on the matter while the waiter took to eBay. This receipt now has a $100,000 bid on it!!! Don't believe it? Take a look here. Read More