Wela Whip - Apple Grows Its Ecosystem, Fail Your Way To Success, A Tribute To Truett, Donkey Kong Hails A New King, That Is One Sneaky Panda

wela whip Apple Grows Its Ecosystem In typical Apple fashion, they kept their new products a secret until 9.9.2014…with the tag line, “Wish we could say more." Well, it’s been a while since arguably the most innovative company of our time has “wowed” us, but this week they finally did and also wowed their investors. Goldman Sachs thinks it's impressive enough to raise Apple's earnings forecast. The iPhone 6, the Apple Watch and Apple Pay were all at the forefront of the announcement. What most of us missed, however, was the iPod riding off into the sunset. The iPod was Apple’s first consumer mega-hit and made the iPhone possible. A true game-changer. Let's take a second to say goodbye. Read More

Fail Your Way To Success This is music to many students' ears. A recent study says that failing actually leads to better test results later on. It's a little more complicated than just that (because it was a scientific study), but basically the study showed that taking and failing a pretest led to better results on the class final. This was even better than getting one of those study guides and taking the tests. I guess memorizing isn't really learning. Read More

A Tribute To Truett The inventor of the chicken sandwich, Truett Cathy, passed away peacefully in his home this week surrounded by loved ones. Mr. Cathy was 93 years old. He built Chick-fil-A from a single diner into more than 1,800 restaurants across the country. In 2012, Chic-fil-A topped KFC as the top U.S. chicken restaurant chain and, in 2013, had sales of over $5 billion. In addition to a delicious menu, the company has become famous for the top-notch service that customers receive while dining in or taking out. This is a hallmark of Truett’s personality and principles. Be sure to stop by the nearest CFA this week (if you haven’t already) and pour one out for Truett - a sweet tea & lemonade that is! Read More

Donkey Kong Hails A New King First things first, yes, Donkey Kong (the game) is still actively played. More importantly, though, people still compete for the all time high score. Dr. Kong held this title for four years until this past week when he was eclipsed. This was reported by the Donkey Blog (I guess there truly is a blog for everything). Given the obsession with Twitch (where you watch people play video games), you can even watch the entire 3+ hour game by our new King Kong. We thought Titanic was a long movie… Read More

That Is One Sneaky Panda Ai Hin IS smarter than your average bear! Panda experts at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Center in China say that Ai Hin had a phantom pregnancy (meaning she carried on the charade of being pregnant while not actually carrying a cub), and was able to enjoy the good life that comes along with it. Apparently the luxuries that pregnant pandas receive are quite nice... Check out the rest of the story here. Read More