Wela Whip - Europeans are just a bunch of posers, It seemed like a week produced by Skinamax, You still need a vacation, Big Rascals, Gridiron to parking lot



Europeans are just a bunch of posers At least in regards to economic policy. The quick and dirty of it is that Europeans' version of the Federal Reserve (that Janet Yellen lady) has taken actions (i.e. pumping money into their financial system) similar to what we have been doing for years which some say kept us from going back into a recession. The good news for you... it just got cheaper to go to Europe! Safe travels. Read More

It seemed like a week produced by Skinamax The hot topic of this week is the personal (and highly private) celebrity photos that were hacked and shown across the web. The nude photos made it to the web, but were quickly taken down. Cyber security continues to be a major issue as the internet continues to become more ingrained in our lives. A cloud never seemed very secure, but a door with chains did. Maybe that is the answer... Read More

Summer may be over, but you still need a vacation… take it! Maybe to Europe… That talk about this generation of Americans being lazy needs to be stopped now. A recent study just showed that American workers are taking less vacations now than they did back in 1976. Nine million workers took a week off in July 1976 while this year only 7 million took a vacation. Doesn't seem too drastic, but when considering we have 60 million more workers it does. Getting away for a little is good for the brain. Take a break! Read More

I have two pickles, I have two pickles, I have two pickles, hey hey It seems a bit weird as it was one of our favorite movies, but the Little Rascals are all grown up. It's been 20 years since the movie hit the big screen and we fell in love with Alfalfa and Darla. Now you can see what they look like today. 22 Vision got the cast back together and did a side by side view of the Little Rascals poster today versus 20 years ago. It brings a tear to the eye to see them all grown up. Read More

From the gridiron to the parking lot One of the best football players from 2013 is becoming a car salesman this year… and he is only 23! Josh Gordon was recently suspended by the league for the entire year because of repeated bad choices. Instead of sitting at home, he has decided to go work for a local dealership. It seems like Josh Gordon is taking some guidance from Eastbound and Down. See what we mean in this article. Read More