The Wela Whip - Are Burgers And Breakfast Unpatriotic, Social Media Makes Us More Tolerant, Set Up A Badminton Court, Baby Geniuses , It's College Football Season

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Are Burgers And Breakfast Unpatriotic Or Just Good Business? Burger King is reportedly purchasing Canadian breakfast fast food chain, Tim Hortons, and moving it's headquarters from Miami to Canada. While many people (cough politicians cough) thought they were just being unpatriotic and wanting to pay less taxes, apparently it's more likely that they're interested in trying some burger-breakfast cost cutting combos. The investment group behind Burger King is interested in expanding their restaurant options, and Tim Hortons covers the breakfast component they are missing. The real question here is will you try a Whopper Waffle? Read More

Social Media Might Be Making Us All More Tolerant Or At Least Less Vocal A new study has come out showing that people are less likely to talk about hot button issues in person if they are active on Facebook and/or Twitter. On the flip side, people are also less likely to share their opinions on controversial topics online than in person. Does this mean people are just not talking about these issues anymore? Apparently social media users are realizing that not all their "friends" have the same opinions as themselves, and nobody wants to be the awkward kid who nobody agrees with . . . unless you're an internet troll. Fedora wearing guys, we're looking at you. Read More

Set Up A Badminton Court At Your Next Party This is particularly key if you have awkward or unsociable friends. Slate's science and health editor argues this week that Badminton is the best damn lawn game available for parties, and is the best way to break the ice for people (not counting alcohol). Apparently other lawn games can also work, but nothing quite beats the beauty, simplicity and silliness of badminton at a party. Read More

Baby Geniuses (Not The Movie) The University of Washington has been running experiments to figure out if babies are smarter than we realize, and it turns out that they just might be geniuses! The experiment tested children who were under two years old to see if they could figure out that by using one toy block over another in a machine would get them more marbles. Out of the 32 kids tested 22 were able to figure it out and get the extra marbles! I wonder who will host the next hit reality show, "Are You Smarter Than A Baby?" Read More

It's College Football Season Again! Festivities kicked off last night here in Atlanta with Boise State vs. Ole Miss at the Georgia Dome. The Dome will also be hosting the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game this Saturday between Alabama and West Virginia. The more important game happening in Georgia this weekend, though, will be the UGA vs Clemson game this Saturday. A lot of the Wela team will be in Athens on Saturday to cheer on the Dawgs! Tell us which college football game you are most excited to watch this weekend on our Facebook page. Read More