Wela Whip - This Is Getting Ridiculous, HBO Worth $20 Billion, Millennials Buying, Myers-Briggs Flawed, Rise of Curse Words

This is getting ridiculous Malaysia Airlines is really getting hit on the chin in 2014. First they lose a plane and now one of their planes was reportedly shot down. All 280 passengers and 15 crew members were killed. Reports are suggesting it was shot down near the Ukraine - Russia border. If this is true, it's really sad. Conflict is terrible no matter what, but even more so when innocent people are harmed. Read More

Is HBO worth $20B? Rupert Murdoch certainly thinks HBO is worth it. In fact, he's willing to buy all of Time Warner just for the rights to HBO. He must be a huge Game of Thrones fan... or could it be True Blood? Either way Time Warner has rejected the initial offer, but don't count Mr. Murdoch out just yet. He might just go hire Ari Gold to help. Read More

$20 million in revenue... all based on a flawed product Do you remember the Myers-Briggs test? Well, studies (and even its creator) say it's flawed. The arguments are wide ranging as to why it's not valid, but one point that stands out is that the creator based the test off of personal experience and not research. He made the test up! This could be good or bad news for readers depending on whether you agree or disagree with the results! Read More

Hey realtors! Millennials are looking to buy Surprise! The millennial generation (18-34) is actually buying homes. Trulia recently saw the millennial generation's homeownership rate rise 0.9% in 2013. It looks like those roommates we have had since we were kids (our parents) are out! Read More or Sign up for our home buying boot camp to get ready to buy your own home!

Curse words finally find their calling... predicting economic cycles I don't know who cares about this sh**, but it's good cocktail material. A recent study by Bloomberg showed that CEO's language loosened a bit during rough economic times. In the good times, CEO's tend to wane off these F***ing words. It looks like we are in ok times right now though. Read More