Wela Whip - Chick-Fil-A Cows Are Pissed, An Uber Problem, and The Cupcake Fad Crumbles

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Roosters are impotent and the Chick-Fil-A cows are pissed! A key breed of rooster is having fertility problems that would trouble us all. The world's largest chicken breeder has discovered a genetic issue (without a solution at the moment) that is reducing the roosters' ability to reproduce. However, the problem for all of us is that it has led to a rise in chicken prices... which spells trouble for the Chick-Fil-A cows! Read More

An Uber problem For a company that relies on social media going viral, this turns the age old adage "any press is good press" on its head! A recent DC Uber ride went bad... really bad. The Uber driver got into a high-speed chase and put the passengers in real danger. Thankfully no one was hurt. Up to this point, people have been trusting in Uber's screening process for drivers, but this may cause a rumbling... a rumbling that Uber needs to quickly chase away. Check out the passenger's account of the event. Read More

We are all smarter than a 15 year old...right?! The Organization of Economic Cooperation & Development is conducting research to discover how financially competent today's youth are with this 10 question quiz. Thankfully we were able to pass the test (see our results here). Take a stab at it and let us know, on our Facebook page, how you did. This has television show written all over it... right Jeff Foxworthy? Read More

The cupcake fad crumbles Monday morning was a sad day for cupcake lovers. Crumbs cupcakes closed the doors to all their bakeshops after defaulting on their debt. The company was the poster child for the cupcake fad, so it will be interesting to see the ripple effect. Nevertheless, this hasn't stopped people from trying to sell 'supposedly' the stores last cupcake... for $250! Seems like a bit much for a stale cupcake... Read More

The $44,000 potato salad A Kickstarter campaign of potato salad has raised over $44,000 and the campaign has 22 more days on it. What's the money going to be spent on? Actually it's going to be spent on a Labor Day party in Columbus, Ohio. Although we do love potato salad, we didn't think it could help us raise enough money for a down payment! Read More

The significance of today's date: 7-11 For us 7-11 means the gas station with awesome Slurpees. Here is a commercial that helped us bring back the memories. Read More