Wela Whip - Tinder loves the World Cup, What would you give up for the American Dream, Obamacare in the headlines again, Go GoPro, iRobot in real life

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USA advances, but Tinder is the real winner The raging new dating app, Tinder, is really loving the World Cup. The app has seen a 50% uptick in downloads and usage in Brazil since the World Cup began. What blows our mind is that the average Tinder user spends 77 minutes on the app! How do they find the time between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and oh, living? Read More

You can keep the diamond ring, but hands off my smartphone! In a somewhat surprising new study by Trulia, 50% of women said they’d give up a “big” diamond ring (it’s all relative, right?) for a down payment on a house. The same study reports that 45% listed their smartphone as a non-negotiable. Check out the list of sacrifices we’re willing to make to realize the American dream. We would never recommend #3! Read More

Obamacare in the headlines again A new study shows that the Affordable Care Act is attracting a higher number of people with serious health conditions. In the new policy, 27% of health-law marketplace enrollees have chronic medical conditions as compared with 12% of people with existing individual policies. What does that mean for the rest of us? Insurance providers are crunching the numbers now to figure out how much healthcare premiums will cost us in 2015. Quick lesson in insurance economics, the people who don't use insurance are the ones who pay for the people who do use it. Read More

Go, Go GoPro Who would have thought a camera maker would ever be valued in the billions after the collapse of Kodak's camera business? Well, when you create something that allows for heart racing and thrilling videos to be made, you get GoPro and a $2.96 billion valuation. The company went public Thursday and the stock launched, mimicking its many users. Read More

iRobot in real life? Will Smith get ready, we may need you to step back up to the plate! These robotic women are your new tour guides at Japan's National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. Robots that look and act like people are becoming more and more affordable. Now all we need is one to manage our Social Media and we will be on auto-pilot! Read More