Wela Whip - OMG, Apple Stock is below $100, Are you ready for some football, Get your koozies ready, Making a venti bet, That's to dumb

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OMG, Apple Stock is below $100! This isn't a joke, you are now able to have a stake in the company that most likely dominates your digital world (iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Mac) for less than $100. On Monday, Apple stock split 7 for 1, meaning for every 1 share that an investor had they now have 7. The reason: to provide access to more investors. It's just slicing up the Apple, though, not making it any bigger. Read More

Are you ready for some football?! Not the American kind, the other kind… soccer. Soccer's biggest tournament kicks off today in Brazil, and the U.S. is seemingly out of it before it even starts, or so the coach says. What?!? Yes, the U.S. coach has said the team will not win the World Cup this year. That doesn't sound like much of a locker room pep talk . . . Read More

Get your koozies ready Local craft beers are the hot new thing, and Georgia has some great options for us. These tasty beers' downfall, though, is that they tend to be in bottles, and we all know the rule, "no glass by the pool." Craft breweries are now moving more towards cans, which is making many people very happy. Read More

Making a venti bet Starbuck is betting big, and it's not with coffee. They are putting money into wireless charge stations in their stores. This means you will be able to sit at a table drinking your grande skinny vanilla latte and have your phone charge… with no chords. You can recharge your body and your phone in one stop. Although cutting edge, the news has yet to stop Starbucks stock from grinding lower for the year. Read More

Mock! Yeah! Ing! Yeah! Bird! Yeah! Remember Harry and Lloyd? Or what about Mutt Cutts? Maybe the Shaggy Dog Van? Well folks, 20 years after the first Dumb and Dumber movie, fans will be getting another edition, Dumb and Dumber To. The movie comes out in November, but get some laughs today with the trailer released this week. Read More