Wela Whip - $1 million bargain, a tax bill that would even make Obama blush, sprinting to the deal, motivation, Netflix just released your weekend plans

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$1 million bargain

How much would you pay to sit down with the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett? Well last year that price was just over $1 million. This year the bid has already exceeded that, and there is still a day left on the bidding. Get your bid in now! I guess it's fair because if anyone could give you that million dollar tip it would be the man worth multi-billions. Read More

A tax bill that would even make Obama blush… The heirs of Samsung Group’s patriarch Lee Kun-hee are projected to pay one of the largest inheritance tax bills ever…to the tune of about $6 billion, yes, with a B. Now considering this falls in South Korea’s highest inheritance tax rate (50%), this leaves the Lee family with just over $6 billion still, so they’ll probably survive. Read More

Sprinting to a deal The two-way walkie talkie is in talks about teaming up with the slider phone. Yeah, that’s right, Sprint and T-Mobile are nearing a deal that will help them combine efforts in fighting the behemoths that are Verizon and AT&T. People are skeptical on the deal, though, since the US Department of Justice blocked the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile back in 2011. Would you be okay with only having three major phone providers in the US? Read More

Need motivation this Friday morning? Check out this slideshow of Paul Allen’s, one of the co-founders of Microsoft, real estate portfolio…okay, so maybe this will just be depressing. I mean, who needs 9 mansions on the same island?!?! Be sure to check out the amenities on #4, his home in Beverly Hills. Do you feel inspired to start tinkering with machinery in your garage? Read More

Netflix just released your weekend plans Have plans this weekend? Well cancel them. The hit Netflix show Orange is the New Black is released today. The beauty of releasing an entire series at once is that we now have an excuse to sit inside and eat sour patch kids all weekend while watching Piper and another season of pummelings. Read More