Wela Whip - Blackberry's odds of failure - just 20%, $5 billion gamble, A pot of gold at the end of the (Reading) Rainbow

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Blackberry's odds of failure now stand at just 20%!

Wahoo! The odds that Blackberry will fail now stands at just 20% (down from 50%)! Seriously, though, this isn't something that you want the CEO of your company talking about…or putting odds on. Companies with poor outlooks tend to cheer about this, and not focus on growing into a successful business. The real applause should wait until they start talking about revenue increasing, not failure odds decreasing. Read More

The $5 billion gamble We aren't talking about a small roulette bet in Vegas. Elon Musk continues to try and change human behaviors/desires. He is betting on a 'gigafactory,' and he is betting big with $5 Billion buckos! The factory will be able to generate 500,000 batteries per year. For comparison, Tesla sold 22,477 Model S sedans last year! The bet isn't dependent on just Tesla, but it still seems like he may be betting on double zero right now. Read More

A pot of gold at the end of the (Reading) Rainbow Remember sitting on the floor in front of the TV on the rolling cart and watching Reading Rainbow? Well apparently a lot of other folks do too. Starting this past Wednesday, in 11 hours the Reading Rainbow campaign reached its goal of $1 million via crowd funding site Kickstarter. It's already passed $2 million now, and doesn't show signs of stopping. The funds will be used to bring Reading Rainbow to the new tech age, and off that rolling cart! Read More

You thought the Leaf looked goofy… Google announced this week that it continues to develop a car that drives for us. The concept is awesome, while the design is straight out of the Jetsons! They released an initial prototype (which will likely change multiple times), and it is definitely futuristic! See for yourself. Maybe they can talk to Elon Musk for some design ideas. Read More

Heaven just got a legend Celebrating life tends to help in the mourning process, and many are celebrating the life of Maya Angelou this week. The inspirational poet and author passed away this week at the age of 86. Her first autobiography, "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings," continues to get the highest praise. She will be remembered for how her words inspired millions. You will be missed Maya! Read More