Wela Whip - YouTube is Twitching, $74K in 2 years, See you later Nicorette Gum, Another $100 Mill for the Wolf, Happy Birthday Rubik Cube

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YouTube is Twitching This is a sign that the times are a changin'. YouTube (owned by Google) is in talks to buy Twitch for $1 billion. What does Twitch do? It's a video streaming company that allows for people to watch gamers play video games. I remember being bored as hell watching my friends play… I was actually twitching as I watched. Read More

$74K in two years No that’s not a salary figure, unfortunately. A recent graduate was saddled with student loans beyond his expectation, but paid it all off in two years! Check out the 17 tips he provides to navigate what is now the 2nd largest consumer debt balance in the US. (If interest rates have you by the wallet, check out this student loan refinancing program. You may qualify for a lower rate!) Read More

See you later Nicorette Gum All that gum chewing may be on the way out for those looking to quit. And it could be on to bigger and better… E-cigarettes. A recent study shows that people using E-Cigs are almost 60% more likely to quit relative to other products. Now, instead of hearing lip smacking we will be smelling vapors! Read More

Another $100 Million for The Wolf? That’s right folks, Jordan Belfort (aka The Wolf of Wall Street) expects to make more money this year than he ever made defrauding investors…so I guess the moral of the story is, If you’re going to lie, cheat and steal, be sure Martin Scorsese has your back! Hey Bernie, this is your queue to get out pencil and paper! Read More

Happy 40th Rubik's, I'm still working on you! 40 years in and I still can't solve the damn thing. The Rubik's Cube celebrated its 40th anniversary this past week. And despite being 40 years old, it still amazes people when they find someone that can solve the puzzle in mere seconds. It also makes us all feel a bit more dumb, thanks Rubik's cube! Read More