Wela Whip - Bit By Bitcoin, Hey Google - Forget Me Now, The Party We Missed In College

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Bit by Bitcoin… From Virgin Records to airplanes, Richard Branson probably didn't envision his products being able to be bought by something other than government backed cash, but now the multi-billionaire has (as part of a team) invested $30M in Bitcoin processing company, Bitpay, our former Atlanta Tech Village neighbor. We salute you BitPay and miss you! Read More

The party we missed in college Recent college grads (well pretty much everybody), check out these 5 lessons you likely did not learn during your 4 (or 5) years of undergrad…better to establish good financial habits early than having to learn the hard way. Read More

Congratulations on your new baby… oh, wait... This is classic. Did you wake up yesterday morning with an email from Shutterfly congratulating you on your new baby? Well I did, and that's when my heart dropped… I was worried they knew something I didn't. Well, if you were in the same boat as me, you can breathe, because it was a mistake mass email from Shutterfly. Shoo fly, don't bother me. Read More

Hey Google, forget me. Now. Have you ever Googled yourself and not been pleased with what you found? Well now Google is on the verge of being forced to clean that up for you. A European Union court ruled that requests by Europeans to have certain information about them removed from the search database has to be honored by the search engine giant. Looks like Google will be needing some interns this summer… Read More

It's the weekend, why not We all love Seinfeld, and we usually find ourselves quoting the show during gatherings with friends. In honor of this glorious spring weekend, here are the 16 greatest Seinfeld quotes of all time. Enjoy. Read More