Wela Whip - Weed to the Rescue, Tesla's Losing Energy, Apple's Beat

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Weed to the rescue!

I really don't find this too shocking, but it is starting to come to fruition. The legalization of marijuana in the US is starting to put Mexican drug cartels out of business. It's just not profitable to them. The drug lords are getting a simple lesson in economics as supply rises and demands stays the same... prices fall! This is the common day prohibition working in front of our eyes.

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Losing energy

It wasn't too long ago we were talking about Elon Musk making billions in just one day… now Tesla seems to be searching for a charging station. After seeing its stock reach an all-time high in March, the company has plummeted nearly 30%! It looks like Musks’ company is beginning to stink.

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Apple looking to make that Beat

One, two, three and to the fo’ Apple and Dr. Dre are about to close. Reports are running rampant that Apple is nearing a deal to buy Dr. Dre’s Beat Electronics. Though the headphones have been more known as a fashion statement the promotion power of Dr. Dre could earn them nearly $3.2 billion… that’s nuthin' but a G thang.

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Here's to you Mama… Love, KD

We all thought giving flowers to mom was the way to go, what about winning an NBA MVP award and giving, probably, the most heartfelt professional sports speech in a long time. Kevin Durant did all but give his mom the actual trophy after bringing home his first MVP award. Get your tissues and watch the speech here.

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On the road again . . .

Garth Brooks has announced he will be touring again – starting with a show July 25th in Dublin, Ireland. This will be his first tour since abruptly halting his tour circuit in 2001. I don’t think he’s doing it for the money… Brooks is the second best-selling artist (behind the Beatles) in history based on US album sales. According to RIAA’s ranking of US album sales, Brooks has sold 123 million copies of his albums. Let’s assume he was getting $2 per album (probably a low estimate) – that puts his income related just to US album sales at $246 million. Not too shabby for a guy with “friends in low places”…

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