Wela Whip - Slicing Up The Apple Pie, Proud to be an American, The Sopranos versus House of Cards

Slicing up the Apple pie Getting a piece of your favorite apple pie just got a bit easier. Apple, unexpectedly decided to split their stock 7 to 1… which means that someone who held one share of Apple, will now own seven. Now, instead of one share costing about $550, it will only cost about $78 per share. Hell, the stock will soon be the cheapest thing Apple sells! Read More

Proud to be an American in Beantown! One year and one week since the Boston Marathon bombing, one of the largest fields in the race’s history (32,530), took on the emotional task of honoring those who lost their lives or were injured in the horrific event last year.  In an amazing feat, 38 year-old American, Meb Keflezighi, was the first American to win the Boston Marathon in 31 years.  Here’s to you Mr. K, and the rest of the exuberant crowd at the race, you honor us all by showing that America is resilient, and has the grit that’s necessary to bounce back and do the virtually impossible in the face of adversity. Read More

The Sopranos versus House of Cards It’s Gandolfini (may he rest in peace) versus Spacey. In an attempt to grab some of the streaming video market share from Netflix, Amazon has acquired access to some of HBO greatest shows for its Prime subscribers. These streaming shows will be exclusive to Amazon Prime subscribers, and the first time they will be available to stream for non-HBO subscribers. It’s now the mob versus politics… wait, they aren’t the same?! Read More

Add me to your circle… okay, I’ll friend you on Facebook Wait, you meant Google Plus… oh, we didn’t know anyone used that. Well, it looks like the man who led the charge for the Google Plus efforts is leaving the company. Although Google Plus isn’t shutting down (too many peoples dismay), it seems that the following didn’t come through given Facebook’s dominance. It looks like Google’s circle may be weakening… Read More

Hmm….what would college have been like? Umm, excuse me, sir, is that rufies, you’re putting in my drink?  Oh, it’s just powdered alcohol?  Perfect.  The Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau just approved Palcohol, powdered alcohol that you mix with water, soda or juice to create your Brisk-like Cosmo.  This is not an investment tip, however, it may be worth selling your beer and liquor stocks since bringing packets of liquor is a lot cheaper than buying $11 beers at the Braves games. Read More