Wela Whip - We'll Miss Ya Captain, Trailblazing, Flirting With The Markets

We'll miss ya CaptainIf traffic has been a bit worse this week it’s not due to construction, it's because Atlanta lost their eyes from the sky, Captain Herb Emory. It was a tragic and unexpected loss. I always remembered driving down to turner field for a Braves game, and sitting in that bumper to bumper traffic I'd always tune into WSB 750 to hear Captain Herb tell me when it was going to break up, if ever. The streets of Atlanta are mourning this week, and so are the drivers. Read More

Trailblazing No, the Braves did not forget to bring the real jerseys to Philadelphia on Wednesday night. Everyone is wearing #42 to honor the 67 anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s debut as he broke the color barrier in baseball, not because of a bad laundry job. Read More

Hey Weirdo, quit looking at me like that…. Tuesday, Google put their Google Glass concept on sale to the public for “One-Day Only” for a cool $1,500 bucks. No biggie. Problem is, Google pulled a Jos-A-Bank and told us that there will probably be more days of sales in our future. Yay! Maybe we’ll be able to get free adwords with our purchase of geek-specs (*Seriously, Google, we actually think the free adwords idea is really cool). Read More

Flirting with the markets After the frat parties are behind us, and the late nights in Buckhead are in the past, we still need somewhere to meet our significant others. With the advancements of technology, online dating has become the norm, and now Zoosk is looking to take their relationship with the market to the next level. The company filed to go public and raise $100 million, but despite the online dating trend gaining steam, the company has yet to turn a profit despite generating $178 million in revenues! We will have to wait and see how their date goes with the stock exchange! Read More

It’s 2014, we love Blood! Heart Bleed and then “Blood Moon”….geez. 2014 is the peak of America’s obsession with vampires and blood. Now, how can I dress up as Heart Bleed/Blood Moon for Halloween? Blood Moon happened Tuesday at 12:53 AM. It was the first of four total solar eclipses (earth comes between moon and sun) that will occur between now and September 2015. Pretty cool as it only happens every 300 years, typically. Read More