Wela Whip - Tech Wins...at Something, Yo Quiero Breakfast, IP-Uh-Oh Candy Crushed!

Whipping your weekend conversations into shape; because wealth is more than just money! Tech wins... at something Being a Georgia Bulldog, this hurts, but it's not all that shocking... Georgia Tech had the best annual return on investment (ROI) when it comes to cost to go to school and pay afterwards... UGA fans won't hear the end of this, because they have nothing else to cheer for! (just kidding Tech fans). See the stats here.

Yo Quiero Breakfast? The idea department reached far for these creations... Taco Bell released breakfast this week to mixed reviews. Who doesn't like a waffle taco or maybe get your crunch on in the AM with the AM crunchwrap. Read More.

I want that Facebook money $21 billion.... it's like chump change to Facebook. After spending $19 billion on WhatsApp (makes me think of this favorite commercial), the company goes out and buys a Virtual Reality company for $2 billion. Someone needs to tell Zuck, that just because you have the money doesn't mean you have to spend it! Read more.

An Apple a day, may just save Microsoft Giving in, a little, Microsoft released its office suite for the iPad. This seems like a logical move, but where the heck have they been for the past 4 years; oh yeah trying to get their tablet off the ground. I guess this is a sign of them throwing in the towel. Read More.

IP-Uh-Oh….Candy Crushed Candy Crush Saga maker, King Digital made their stock/company available for investors to buy on Wednesday.  The stock fell by 15.6% in their debut.  Despite the fact that 90% of those reading the Whip are playing this in the background of your iPhone, let’s all be smart investors: it is unlikely that video games that look like pac-man on Atari are as sustainable of a business model relative to real companies like Home Depot, Coca-Cola, etc. Read More.