Wela Whip - Sick of Selfies - Try a Twosome, Obama to BBM: No Korean BBQ for you, and more.

Whipping your weekend conversations into shape. Russia to US: I eat countries like Crimea for Dinner. Russia’s parliament agreed to accept Crimea into its domain. This prompted the US to promote sanctions against Russia. The good news is Obama and Putin are talking. The bad news, I don’t think Obama understands Russian. We interpreted Putin as saying “I have a 75% approval rating and you don’t. I win.” Read More

Just the Tip Nope, not talking about March Madness. Georgia is tipping though. The average tip in GA is 16.2% and only an average of 55% of people tip. Are 45% of you really walking out on folks making $2.50 an hour? Check out the rankings here

Sick of Selfies? Try a twosome. Try this new app while you are out with friends this weekend. Enough with the stretching of the arm as far as it can possibly go to get that group selfie, link up two iPhones with this app to create a control. You can place one iPhone in that ideal location and then use the remote in your hand to take the picture. Genius. Read More

Tell me this phrase Ne _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Oh you didn’t guess “New Baby Buggy?” Shame on you. On his first try during the final puzzle on Wheel of Fortune, this guy nailed the phrase after only getting two letters. This is a puzzle game and we continue to be puzzled. This guy was either part of an investment bank with insider info or he sure is the luckiest man in the world! See it here

Obama to BBM: No Korean BBQ (Soup) for you We actually don't even like Korean BBQ. It seems a little crazy to us that you have to cook your own food and then tip! Anyway, the White House is finally considering its long-time commitment to Blackberry and is testing Samsung and LG as its replacement. Whatever happened to using products developed by US companies...Apple, maybe! Read More