Wela Whip - Community Organizer Obama, Car fires in Jersey, and Come On Dude, It's Only $20

Whipping your weekend conversations into shape. Car fires in New Jersey don't sound so bad right now

General Motors recalled 1.2 million cars this week and admitted that they new they were faulty. 12 deaths later and they actually recall. In the same week, New Jersey bans the sale of Teslas because of the "dealer union" in the state feeling cut out. Sounds to us like a small battery fire with no deaths beats out deadly issues that go ignored for a decade. Who should really be kicked out of Jersey, bro?!

Crimea/Russia/US/Ukraine Disaster (CRUUD)

Here's what you need to know. Crimea plans to leave Ukraine. Ukraine wanted guns. We said no. Russia organized military drills on Thursday. We (US) tried to have civil conversation with Russia. That failed (surprise). Ongoing boring saga, I know, but we are here to keep you from sounding stupid tonight.

Plane Still Lost

Nuff said.

Come on, Dude. It's only $20.

Twitter went nuts on Thursday when Amazon announced it was increasing the price of Prime $20 from $79 to $99. Let's be honest people, are you really going to stop getting toilet paper delivered to your doorstep instead of fighting crowds of free samplers at Costco on Sundays?!? I didn't think so.....

Most talked about topic this weekend...

Between Two Ferns with Community Organizer Barack Obama! If you haven't seen it yet, you better watch it now (http://bit.ly/startwithalaugh) or you will be left behind in conversations this weekend. Galifianakis is great! Kudos my friend, you are a true comedian.