Why you probably don't like your financial advisor

Financial Advisors are typically screwing you. At Wela, we are delivering you the advisor experience you want. We all have the same questions. At 45, 35 or 25, we all need an answer to “am I where I should be with regards to saving”? Do I need insurance? How much should I be saving to buy a house? Is my 401K allocated right? Since you have the questions, you are lead to the next one, which is, “Who should I turn to to answer this? This is when you think that you need a financial advisor. You immediately get led down a path of a buddy whose selling insurance, or a cousin who works at Merrill Lynch as a commissioned brokers or advisors that work at reputable firms that don’t fit your personality and likely have $1M minimum investment requirements. So you end up on Google looking for your answer. Not necessary. We are now going to help provide you all of those answers with our website and tools. You absolutely don’t have to pay us anything if you don’t want. We honestly believe in our heart of hearts that investors like you and me can and should manage their money on their own! If you listen to some of the things that we say, then you will be able to. If you choose to hire someone, it can certainly be us, but if you hang out with us for a little while, you will be well informed when looking for your advisor.

We built this firm on the backbone of the belief that all investors deserve great investment solutions and options, regardless of their net worth or investment size.  This should be your general declaration of independence regarding your financial situation.

If you could create a wish list of what you expected from your advisor (besides making you more money), what would it be?