Wela Whip - Radio'Sacked', Cri-me-a-River, and Why You Should Quit Your Job

Whipping your weekend conversations into shape Cri-me-a-River Country Trade Alert!!! Crimea swaps jerseys: Ukraine for Russia. I mean what is this? Fantasy Football? You can’t just change countries when you feel like it, but that ‘s what’s happening: Crimea to Russia for a delayed civil war later. Deal! Read More

Radio’Sacked’ Remember this great Super Bowl commercial from Radio Shack: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUwwZHdx6SU? I bet nobody even realized that they would close 1,100 stores just so they could be the same size they were in the 80’s. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think? Read More

NFL is to XFL as 1600 is to 2400 Here’s a flop that looks a lot like strippers as cheerleaders. The SATs are moving back to a 1600 scale, old school, baby. The good news is wrong answers don’t count against you, and neither does the optional essay. Over/under on how many people actually the essay? We’ll set the line at 20%. Read More

You should quit. To become an intern. Yeah, this is ridiculous. The website, Glassdoor, revealed this week that the highest paying internships are paying unreal $$. 19 of the top 25 are tech companies, where undergrads are making north of $75K/year (equivalent), including Twitter, LinkedIn, eBay, and Amazon. Apply online today at www.areyoukiddingme.com. Read More