Wela Whip - Bitcoins, Blackberries, and Elon Musk stinks...

Whipping your weekend conversations into shape. Bitcoin bankrupts!! Not really, but one of its partners did.  Yeah, this idea of digital currencies sounded crazy to us all, but after two weeks of the value swinging wildly, it has caused one of its main platforms to bankrupt.  Imagine Bitcoin like this: Trees that only exist in your mind, not in the ground.  Boom!

Run, Yaniv, Run.  Ukraine leader somewhere in the forest (Gump). Holy Cold War/USSR…..again.  Here’s how it goes: Ukraine’s President decides to have closer ties with Russia, citizens fight back, President/Gov’t shoot their own people, those surviving people win and take over, now the ones left on the East want to join Russia.  Oy.  Is this really happening?

Blackberry is back BABY! Yeah, so what if they went bankrupt just last year.  Their back and in your car.  They have displaced Microsoft for the “Sync" system.  All we can say is BBM over Text!

Musk, you stink. Like this guy needs the extra bucks.  He sold PayPal and made $165M and now he owns the only electric car company in the world worth $30B.  We salute you Elon Musk.  Real man of Money.