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Economic Shutdown

A 30-day Household Financial Cleanse

This e-book will show you:

  • How to spend during your "Economic Shutdown"
  • Helpful tips for eating, shopping, and entertainment during your shutdown
  • Discover where you're spending your money
  • Uncover areas for more economical spending
  • Learn how much you can actually save on a monthly basis and what to do with that savings

Unknown Millionaire

How an Everyday Family Retired with $1 Million

In this e-book you'll find:

  • Valuable lessons from millionaire retirees
  • The power of retirement saving at any age
  • How to live within your means

17 money hacks

Things you'll in this e-book:

  • Ways to earn extra money that don’t involve working 100 hours a week
  • Couponing that doesn’t require scissors and a pile of newspapers
  • Mind tricks that save money
  • Tricks of the trade you’ve probably never heard
  • A recipe for successful money hacking

20 ways to start investing